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Participation in Camp Underground, Oulu (Finland)

In August Evgenii, Project manager from Arctic Art Institute participated in Camp Underground which took place in Oulu, Finland.

Camp Underground is a place for meeting with artists, curators and researches of the European North who work with new initiatives, local context and underground in a wide sense.

During 4 days the representatives of self-organised artistic initiatives shared their own experience, were developing new ideas for projects, the part of which will be realised in Russia as well (in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk).

Other participant of Camp Underground:

  • Taija Jyrkäs, cultural center Bingo, Oulu
  • Henrik Sørlid, gallery Kurant, Tromsø
  • Robert Julian Badenhope, gallery Kurant, Tromsø
  • Eveliina Paksuniemi, cultural center Valso, Rovaniemi
  • Ilya Baidak, Muralist,  Murmansk
  • Andrew Bird, Street artist, Petrozavodsk

Full list of participants: