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The project “Images of the Russian North” continues

In preparation to international forum Arctic: Territory of Dialogue Arctic Art Institute invited Northern artists to hold a lecture in NaRFU about local visual culture.

On the walls of stairwell in NaRFU they also painted wooden architecture, elements of embroidery and other icons of  of pre-fabric epoch in the Russian North.

Tent-shape churches were built from wood, ecologically clear material, and represented a natural piece of the Northern landscape.

Wooden architecture of the Russian North is a unique example of stable construction.

Kargopol’ embroidery is an important element in the one-of-a-kind visual culture of the Russian North. It is rich in archaic symbols typical for Slavic and other cultures as well.

The patterns refer to pre-Christian embroidery in which ceremonial image of the Goddess with other Gods was used. You could see this embroidery on peasant women’s ruba (shirt) hems, valances and towels.

After Industrialisation of the North the embroideries which were the part of the peasant clothes, as well as wooden architecture, appeared to be lost with time and type design and architecture came to replace them. This project aims to draw attention to local ecological culture that one day was a part of day-to-day life of people who lived in the Russian North.

Artists of this project: Dmitriy Novitsky, Veronika Vologzhannikova, Anton Krupin, Anton Dozhdikov.

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