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“Open systems” in Arkhangelsk

Project Open systems started by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in 2015 is dedicated to self-organized initiatives in Russia.

The aim of this project is to identify a variety of artists’ DIY initiatives, their stylistic peculiarities and local specificity. In the center of the project is a direct speech of artists developing new forms of social communication inside “big” world of art and free cooperation resisting institutional and commercial dictatorship.

Artistic groups and creative studios, apartment shows, street festivals and other forms of self-organized artistic communities were divided into 4 sessions focusing on different forms of self-organization in Russia.

The session Private spaces represents artists who hosted solo and group exhibitions in their own living or working spaces. The session Other places concentrates on the projects that took place in rented spaces, including factories, city buildings, and other venues. When initiatives didn’t need a closed area they occupied parks, streets and other open spaces including virtual space. These initiatives refer to the session No man’s land. The final session Borderline territories is dedicated not to spaces but to the forms if interaction. Here are the examples of collaboration between artists, curators and activists.

Arkhangelsk regional scientific library named after N.A.Dobrolubov is a 6th place were project Open Systems has stopped. The Ural branch of National centre for contemporary arts, Center of contemporary arts Typography in Krasnodar, Museum Center Peace Square in Krasnoyarsk and Gallery Victoria in Samara have already joined the research initiated by Garage Museum.

Thanks to the collaboration with Arctic Art Institute, which is a self-organization itself, at the exhibition special attention is given to the Northern Russia: new participants from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Severodvinsk and other cities from the Russian North have appeared in project “Open Systems”.

The central part of project Open Systems will be a lecture and discussion programme with the participation of Garage Museum curators: Antonina Trubutsina, Ilmira Bolotyan, Sasha Obukhova and the representatives of artistic initiatives of the Russian North.