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Arctic Art Forum 2018

Arctic Art Forum in Arkhangelsk, Russia

Maps of meaning

23–25 November 2018

On 23–25 November, Arctic Art Forum will take place in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Arctic Art Forum is a meeting place for artists, designers, architects, performers, experimental musicians in the Euro-Arctic region of Russia, where the unique heritage of the Russian Arctic is being rediscovered. Participants from Russia, Norway, Finland, and Sweden meet to discuss the common challenges that occur in the intersections of traditional and contemporary culture. Between the local and the global, between so-called low and high culture, between the gallery and public spaces -in order to expand and question existing psychological and geographical borders.

The previous Arctic Art Forum took place in November 2017. Slow Culture was the theme of the three-days event, exploring the role of culture in everyday life and the potentials of culture as an expanded concept. How sustainable is fast food and fast culture? And it was also essential to scrutinize the complex relationship that exists between nature and the human (as a producer and as a consumer).

The theme of Arctic Art Forum 2018 is Maps of meaning. Here we want to develop the work of connecting people through arts by making maps of artists, alternative maps of our city, maps of sound. The Euro-Arctic region of Russia has been a remote and peripheral district for a long time, and now it is a turn of local cultural workers to (re)create the lost meanings and to develop the ecosystem for sustainable cultural production. By plotting out these landscapes, the forum seeks to draw a picture of who we are and where we are. This will make it possible to find ways to continue to develop the Arkhangelsk creative community, not just 3 days of the forum, but all year around.

One of the main events of the Forum is the Wood is Cool seminar, where the aim is to deepen the respect for the value of historical Arkhangelsk and its wooden buildings, and develop awareness around issues of the value of cultural heritage in urban planning and a sustainable urban development. The partners of the project are Project North, Intercult and the Arkhangelsk young professionals in architecture and city planning.

Another key production is the premier of the multi-media performance The Living Currents developed by director Eva Valieva, choreograper Nikolay Schetnev, curator Kristina Dryagina and the talented young dancers and actors from Arkhangelsk. This performance was developed through a process of workshops based on interviews done with 100 citizens of Arkhangelsk. The project explores and presents the challenges experienced in small towns in the European North: population migration, Northern identity, social and housing problems associated with the city and the harsh Northern nature.

This year´s forum will be held at The Youth House of the Arkhangelsk region. This is an activity and resource centre where active and creative young people can come for inspiration, support and help to realise their potential. Since it started in 2008, this has become the most successful youth project in the region. Unlike other forums, Arctic Art Forum-2018 will take place in a changing environment, which reflects the urban and social context of the post-Soviet Northern town. It is therefore with much excitement that we look forward to welcoming you to join us in this space so full of potential.

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