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Arctic Art Institute will present Russian design and architecture in Tromsø

TIME: 16.03.18 at 08:30.

PLACE: City Library, Grønnegt. 94, 9008 Tromsø.

As a second part of the Norwegian-Russian competence cooperation, Arctic Art Institute and Northern Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture continue the Norwegian-Russian design and architecture collaboration at the Seminar on Russian Design and Architecture in Tromso.

North Norway and North-West Russia are facing many of the same environmental and climate challenges. One might think that we had come across similar solutions, but did we really? Do we think about the problems and do we work the same way to solve them?

On 16 March, we invite architects and designers from Arkhangelsk, Russia, and maybe we can answer this question.


08:30 — Jarle Aarbakken (Tromsø Kommune) welcomes Russian designers and architects.

08.35 — Michele Renee Widerøe, director of NODA (Tromso) will open the event.

08:40 — Ekaterina Sharova, curator of Arctic Art Forum (Arkhangelsk): ‘‘Introduction. Growing interest in sustainable design in Russia’’.

09:00 — Sergey Kulikov, architect (Novaya Zemlya island): ‘‘Revision of the industrial approach in urban design of the Russian Far North’’.

09:25 — Ivan Kuryachiy, architect (Novaya Zemlya island): ‘‘Russian North: Frontier and Hinterland’’.

09:50 — Nadezhda Ponomareva, textile designer (Arkhangelsk): ‘‘Sustainable textile production in Russian North’’.

10:25 — Alexander Ermolaev, artists, Theater of Architectural Forms (Oshevensk village, Arkhangelsk region).

11:00 — Open discussion time.

A big thanks to the Barents Secretariat who has supported the project financially. Languages: English, Russian and Norwegian. We have an interpreter with us.