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“Live currents” will be presented at the festival “Access Point” (St. Petersburg)

The next festival “Access Point” will be held in St. Petersburg on July 15-30, 2019.

It is a festival that introduces viewers to progressive theater and explores new locations through contemporary art.

In previous seasons, performances were held in the shopping complex “Nevsky center”, at the Hilton hotel, in the Russian Museum, supermarket and cellular salon.

July 20 at the festival will be presented performance “Live currents”.

The project was created during the Russian-Norwegian “Laboratory of border movement”, which was held in 2018 in Arkhangelsk. It is devoted to the researching of the inhabitants of the North, migration, Northern identity, social challenges associated with the city, as well as with the harsh Northern nature.


Directed By Eva Valieva.
Choreographer Nikolai Shchetnev.
Artist Ekaterina Yarunova.
Technical support TAFI PLANET.
Curator of the project Kristina Dryagina.

Artists: Nina Nyanikova, Konstantin Mokrov, Ivan Mishin, Anna Rysenko, Kirill Pivovarov, Zina Gagarskaya, Maria Isakova.

The project is supported by the Samovartheatre and the Arkhangelsk drama theatre. M. V. Lomonosov.