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Ulyana Podkorytova and Ustina Yakovleva at the «Maryin House» Residence

On 16 -23 July, Moscow-based artists Ulyana Podkorytova and Ustina Yakovleva visited Arkhangelsk and the village of Chakola (Pinega district).

Ulyana Podkorytova is an artist working with performance, painting, video and ceramics. She grew up in Abramtsevo-area (the famous XIX century artistic resort, a suburb of Moscow) and has a special relationship with Northern folklore and Northern history since her childhood.

Ustina Yakovleva works with graphics and textile. She has exhibited at Ural Industrical Biennial of Contemporary Art, Arctic Art Forum, Arctic Arts Summit and other exhibitions.

In Arkhangelsk the artists visited the Russian North department of the Dobrolyubov library, the Northern Maritime Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local Lore, the Malye Korely Museum of wooden architecture and the Aleksander Borisov Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic.

Then the residents traveled to the remote Chakola village, where the bylina performer Maria Krivopolenova House Museum and the Maryin House Art Residence are located. There they met with locals and imbued with the life of the Northern village which history dates back to the times of Novgorod republic.

The artistic research will result in an exhibition at the Aleksander Borisov Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic in November, 2019.

Photo: Grigory Chukhin