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Porato basko

On 15 November, exhibition Porato basko opens at the Museum of Artistic Development of the Arctic.

The exhibition is the result of the artistic research by Ulyana Podkorytova and Ustina Yakovleva during the Maryin House artist residency in the ancient village of Chakola, Pinezhsky District, Arkhangelsk Region.

The artists will present newly produced sculpture, video, textiles set in the dialogue with unique museum objects.

The exhibition is open until 25 November.

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1. Ulyana Podkorytova. Screenshot to the video Porato basko, 2019.
2. Ivan Mityushev. Photo of Ustina Yakovleva’s series Embroidery, 2019.
3. Ulyana Podkorytova. The Chakola Diary, 2019.