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Arts and Culture on the Arctic Frontiers

The XIV international conference Arctic Frontiers gathered participants from more than 40 countries in Tromsø. Since 2006, the conference has been the main meeting place to discuss economic, societal and environmentally sustainable growth in the High North and is the largest conference of its kind in Norway. Arctic Frontiers connects government, business, and science for a dialogue about responsible and sustainable development of the Arctic. Among the speakers of the 2020 conference there were representatives of the government of Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden, the United States, Singapore, Scotland, Japan, the Sami Parliament.

The main theme of Arctic Frontiers 2020 is Power of Knowledge. The conference program consisted of 3 parts:

  • The Plenary Program contained five main sessions with the titles: The State of the Arctic, Powered by knowledge, Resilient Arctic communities, Sustainable Arctic ocean, and Future Arctic Business.
  • Science with the latest findings in environmental, technological and social research in the region.
  • Young, that brings together an international community of young scientists, students, and young professionals to discuss new perspectives on development in the High North.

Arts and culture have been well-presented by participants from Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Iceland. The conference hosted a meeting of the Arctic Arts Summit Council dedicated to art, design, and culture in the Arctic. The summit was held in Rovaniemi (Finland) in June 2019. The University of Lapland received 450 guests, experts in the field of culture and art from twenty countries, including representatives of universities and museums from Arctic Russia. Next Summit will take place in Canada in the summer of 2021.

Panel discussion «The Art in, and for the future Arctic» was held on January 29 in a format of a learning cafe. It was dedicated to visual art, design, and culture in the Arctic. The session was initiated by the University of Lapland and the Anchorage Museum in Alaska.

The conference presented a report on the results of the Arctic Arts Summit in June 2019. There are links to our report on the results of one of the sessions during the Summit. The report is available at the link:

Watch recordings of discussions, meetings, and speeches of conference speakers on the Arctic Frontiers Youtube channel:

Photo: Alberto Grohovaz, Maria Huhmarniemi