Alexey Sheptunov

media, folklore, music


He was born and lives in Arkhangelsk. He graduated from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University with a Master’s degree in Folkloristics and Mythology. He worked on Arkhangelsk television, where he conducted television programs about culture. As the author and director, he has shot the documentary “The Chief of the Cloudy Region” about the leader of the Arkhangelsk group with the similar name. He has collaborated with a number of newspapers and magazines, including the national newspaper Izvestia, Nevskoe Vremya (St. Petersburg), and he has been an editor-in-chief of the city newspaper Arkhangelsk. As an author who writes about culture, he collaborated with various online publications, including,,, etc. He was the press secretary of the Arkhangelsk Foundation for the Development of Jazz and the international festival Days of Jazz. Member of folklore expeditions to the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, author of scientific publications on folklore, expert on North Russian folklore.

As an art producer, he organized many concerts of contemporary music (post-industrial, neo-folk, world-music, authentic folklore). He also organized the festivals Terror Incognito, Samhein Birthday Fest, and Arch Neo-Folk fest in Arkhangelsk. As an art producer, he recorded and initiated the release of a double album by folk artist Alexandra Kokorina, Songs of Ustya. Traditional lyrics of the Ustyansky district of the Arkhangelsk region”, released on the leading Russian folk label Sketis Music (2016).

Founder and director of the musical group Moon Far Away. With this group, he has recorded and released several albums on Russian and European (France, Austria, Germany) labels, as well as many joint recordings with Russian and international bands and musicians. Moon Far Away is currently signed to the well-known German label Prophecy Productions. The group has participated in many festivals, including Arctic Art Forum (Russia), the Creation of the World (Russia), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Wroclaw Industrial Festival (Poland), Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania), Isogaisa (Norway), Castle Party (Poland), Folk Summer Fest (Russia), The New Song of the Ancient Land (Udmurtia, Russia), ThisIsEthno (Altai, Russia), Days of Jazz named after Vladimir Rezitsky (Arkhangelsk), and others.



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