Anna Zlotko

design, crafts

Anna Zlotko is originally from the ancient village of Chakola in the Pinega district of Arkhangelsk region. Her mother takes care of the tomb of the famous Maria Krivopolenova, a bylina performer, a peasant woman who became famous in Moscow in 1920s after performing Kievan Rus bylinas and skomoroshinas at the Polytechnic Museum.

Now Anna lives in Arkhangelsk. After having worked in various management organizations, Anna decided to take a risk and start her own textile company where she produces ties, dresses, scarves. Being a mother of three children, she manages her own company and also develops such collections like The Swallow. The collection is inspired by a song of Anna Pingina The Swallow, which includes references to folklore heritage, to the question of freedom.

In her work Anna is inspired by Northern nature, rich Pinega folklore heritage, still unknown to the wide audience both in Russia and internationally.



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