Artem Khazanov

street art

Artem Khazanov – street artist in Arkhangelsk. He is an admirer of the old school, that is, classical graffiti, but in recent years he has paid more attention and time to muralism and street art, but he also draws fonts.

His work can be seen on the territory of the Oncologic Dispensary, on various buildings along Troitsky Avenue, as well as on the facade of the Museum of Fine Arts.

As part of his participation in the museum project “Impressed” performed graffiti based on paintings by Petrov-Vodkin, Pimenov and Dali. Together with the creative tandem “Mnozhestvo”, street art was created – the grandmother knitting. Artem painted replicas of pictorial masterpieces: “The Girls in the Field” by Kazimir Malevich and “Jacqueline in Flowers” by Pablo Picasso. Also the author of works on the walls of the House of Youth.

Received a diploma for the best composition for the work “Pomors”, which opens a 500-meter graffiti gallery on the embankment.


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