Dmitry Novitsky


Novitsky Dmitry Vyacheslavovich was born on January 31, 1971 in Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk Region. In 1986 he entered the Ulyanovsk Aviation College. Aviation education influenced Novitsky’s work. From 1991 to 1997, he studied at Cherepovets State University. After graduation he worked as a teacher in the Kirovsk children’s art school. Since 2009 he has been working in the children’s art school in Murmansk. Exhibited in Russia and abroad (Finland, Norway, etc.). He improve his skills on “creative cottages” and annual open air trips. Since 2008, he is a member of the All-Russian creative public organization “Union of Artists of Russia”.

Dmitry Novitsky is an interesting artist, with great creative potential. He is an inquisitive person, with a lively light character. Works in graphics, where he found his recognizable style with soft humor and detailed detailing. Uses various techniques in graphics and painting. He works a lot in installations, has extensive experience with snow, ice, wooden, sand sculpture. Experimenting with performance, participated in several international projects on street art. Regular participant of various regional, Russian and international exhibitions and art projects.





Telephone: +7 902 133 90 85

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