Dmitry Tarasov


Tarasov Dmitry. Director, playwright. Born in Severodvinsk. Now he lives in St. Petersburg.

He staged the first site-specific performance in the homeland of Fedor Abramov “Mom, Mom, I Will Stay” in the novel “Alka”, Verkola.

Participated in the director’s laboratory of the Bolshoy Drama Theater named after GA Tovstonogov “Mirror of the stage” with a sketch “Sunday / Resurrection” based on her own play based on the diaries of the last 4 years old women from the Far North. In 2016, at this laboratory, he created the sketch “Mermaid” – according to the chapter “Director and actor” by G. Tovstonogov “The Mirror of the Scene”, St. Petersburg.

At the Director’s Laboratory of the Living Word of the Theater, he presented a sketch of the Dormitory in the Arkhangelsk Regional Drama Theater named after M.V. Lomonosov.

In 2018 he took part in the All-Russian competition of performances based on the works of the 21st century with the performance of the “Dorm” by A. Ivanov’s “Dormitory-on-the-blood”.

Also in 2018, he participated in the laboratory of Semen Aleksandrovsky “Man. Habitat “- play-instruction “Search Engine “.




Телефон: +7 911 679 25 88

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