Ekaterina Chaschina


Ekaterina Chaschina graduated from Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Cultural Studies (2014).

She has been working in O2 Advertising and Event Company, and is currently employed at Dobrolyubova Regional Scientific Library at the Arts Department.

She has been working as a theater photographer, having Viktor Panov Arkhangelsk Youth Theater and Arkhangelsk Drama Theater as her customers.

Her group at vk.com: vk.com/kei_kei_photo

Ekaterina is also active at Arkhivazhno Project. Arkhivazhno is a grassroots group started by arts and culture professionals where the aim is to bring the wishes of citizens about improvements in urban public space directly to the authorities and establish the dialogue between the users of public space and those who work with its construction, as well as develop public control of the work quality. vk.com/arhivazhno29

E-mail: kxkfamily@yandex.ru

Telephone: + 7 953 268 80 08

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