Ekaterina Efremova

theater, music

She was born in Murmansk. She graduated from the Murmansk State Pedagogical University, and then the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts with a degree in Puppet Theater Actress (Stavissky course). From 2003 to the present day – actress of the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater. Also since 2013, she has been a soloist of the Murmansk Regional Philharmonic, being a sponsor of concerts and entertainment events for adults and children.

Ekaterina leads an active independent musical life. She writes songs and performs with them solo or sometimes in a spontaneously assembled group. She is the creator of the musical concept “Shish da Malina orchestra”.

Participated in international projects such as the TIFF (Tromso International Film Festival), as a guest musician in a special project of the festival Silent Film Concert, collaborates with Scene I Finnmark, for many years the concert program “Songs of the Heart” has successfully toured the North Norway and the Murmansk Region. She was a participant of the cultural program of the international economic forum Arctic Frontiers-2016 in Tromso.
Catherine is always open to new experiences, happily cooperating with musicians and artists of different genres, not afraid of experiments and difficulties.

E-mail: efremova_e@inbox.ru

Facebook: facebook.com/Ekaterina-Efremova-141026385964296/

Vk: vk.com/efremova_murmansk

Music: soundcloud.com/guma

Shish da Malina orchestra: ссылка

Songs of the Heart: facebook.com/serdesniepesni/

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