Ekaterina Sharova

art, design

Ekaterina Sharova – art historian, curator, producer, teacher, author of articles, co-curator of the Arctic Art Forum.

She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the Pomor State University (2004), graduated from the University of Oslo, undergraduate interdisciplinary program in aesthetics (2009) and magistracy in art history (2012), and also received additional education in Creative Pedagogy (Oslo and Akershus High School, 2009) and Management organization (University of Oslo, 2013). She studied the history of Renaissance art in Rome. Her master’s thesis is devoted to the aesthetics of interaction, everyday aesthetics and the reading of teaching practice as artistic.

She worked at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Pikene på Broen. Ekaterina Director of Development for the Arctic Art Institute and co-curator of the Arctic Art Forum. Also works as a freelance curator implementing art projects. Lectured at NArFU (Northern Arctic Federal University), in universities in Norway and Finland.

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