Kirill Staritsyn


Kirill Staritsyn – designer-teacher with a craft education (artist of painting/woodcarver). Project manager “ArTTek”, “Kirill Staritsyn calligraphy courses”. Creator of “Calligraphic Party”. One of the authors of the project “moloko”.

For more than 20 years he has been teaching special design and interior design disciplines. Calligrapher with 20 years of experience. Restorer. Author of design projects, articles on design. Took part in the “Strength of Creativity” international project to support creative industries.

Today, he specializes in creating concept projects, developing calligraphy, as well as issues of internal reform of vocational education in the field of creative industries, changing the format of customer-designer interaction, creating art with consumer involvement as an integral part of the aesthetics of the work. The main focus is on meaningfulness.



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