Mikhail Bronsky

design, crafts

Folk artist, creative entrepreneur, life-coach. He was born in Siberia in the city Zima, then his parents returned to his mother’s homeland in Shenkursky district. He studied painting and crafts in Shenkursk, spent every summer in the village of Nizhneye Zolotylovo, in the maternal ancestral home. He considers himself originally from the village. Since 12 years engaged in painting.

Organizer of several plein airs, member of the organizing committee of the festival of weaving and traditional crafts “Evdokievsky Days”. The creator of the project BRONSKI TEA, which in 2016 became the winner of the Russian stage of the international competition Creative Business Cup Awards Russia.

In collaboration with Anna Zlotko work on the project #девочкиносятплатья (girls wear dresses).

The painting of clothes led to the creation of the project “School of Painting”.

Facebook: facebook.com/mivabr

Vk: vk.com/mivabr

Instagram: instagram.com/mikhailbronski/

Facebook BRONSKI TEA: facebook.com/bronski.ru/

Vk BRONSKI TEA: vk.com/bronski_tea

Instagram BRONSKI TEA: instagram.com/bronskitea/

Nk School of Painting: vk.com/shkolarospisi

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