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“Mnozhestvo” is a family business of Ulyana and Fyodor Medvedev. In 2016, they began the production of northern souvenirs, designer interior items, clothing and accessories.

Through this project, Ulyana and Fyodor transform their love for the north into modern designer items. They are looking for ways to make the northern idea popular. Now “Mnozhestvo” has a workshop, an office and a small shop where you can purchase their products.

At the regional stage of the contest “Young Entrepreneur of Russia 2016” workshop “Mnozhestvo” received an award in the category “Discovery of the Year”.

The project team also works with the urban environment. In the summer of 2015, they turned a wooden house into an art object (“a house with rags”), in 2016, the project “Shreds” was created on the Soviet Cosmonauts Avenue (the image of a grandmother who knits a canvas with a traditional northern ornament), in 2018, in conjunction with the Northern Sea Museum, a new work was done (graffiti in blue and white tones – a sea coast sailing on the boat on the waves in the Northern Dvina).



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