Sergey Panov


In 2014–2016 – editor of the site of the city school newspaper Steps. Turned a website with copies of materials from a newspaper into a full-fledged online media with its own style, design and editorial policy.

Since 2015 – author, publisher and programmer of the “Lingonberry” magazine about culture and society of the North. Lingonberry writes about the people of the North, important cultural and social events, trying to answer questions from society and about society. In the absence of modern art criticism in the region, the magazine became a platform for analytical articles, reviews, and a place where many young journalists in the sphere of culture of the North of Russia tried their hand. Independent cultural workers of the North often use this portal to publish their releases.

Since 2017 – the product editor in the studio game development “Bresg”, the producer of the game “Servant of the People”.





Telephone: +7 921 678 93 50

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