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The current line-up of the band “SNEGI” exists and has been performing live since 2016. The project is presented by the musicians who are also known for their participation in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk bands: “Moon Far Away”, “Yagoda Galo” (“Halo Berry’). The band took part in the regional festivals such as “Arkhangelsk music weeks 2019”, “Taibola 2017”, “Arch-Neo-Folk 2019”, “Astral Disaster 2018”’, “Zhizn Prekrasna” (“Life is Beautiful”), live performances at the branch of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Pomorye”, a solo concert at the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater, as well as many solo and joint concerts in clubs and museums in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk. The song “Ogon i Kholod” (“Fire and Cold”) by the band “SNEGI” won first place at the Regional Award “Zolotoe Koleso 2019” (“Golden Wheel 2019”).

The musical style of the band “SNEGI” is a blend of genres: neofolk and neo-classical, experimental rock and ambient music. Ethnic and classical instruments coexist with modern digital musical instruments. The theme of the songs and the lyrics is an attempt to regain the lost connection between the modern man and his land, his native North, his ancestors; to regain his cultural code and to achieve harmony with nature; to find a creative place in modern society and in the world as a whole. “SNEGI”ʼs philosophy implies the unity of the single cultural space of the Pomor land. For this reason the music band has implemented a number of joint projects in collaboration with famous dancers, writers, artists, musicians, designers in the North, as well as with the inclusive dance group “Prostor”.


Members of the band:
Diana Akhmetova – vocals, percussion.
Elena Bulygina – cello.
Vladimir Zhelnov – flutes, vocals, percussion.
Denis Lisitsin – guitar, vocals, lyrics, arrangements, percussion, electronics.





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Phone: +79600042725

Profile photo: Grish Anshukov


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