Taibola Assemble


Taibola Assemble is a team, some of whose members were part of the Severodvinsk group “Subjects”. The group seeks to preserve and restore the traditional practices of wood construction in the North.

During the existence of the team, various projects were implemented, including art objects made of wood (slab, fin, etc.), fire and kinetic sculptures, street art and objects made of scrap metal and recycled materials.

The community leader is Ilya Kuzubov, who is also the ideological inspirer of the “Taibola” festival. It is a youth cultural and environmental volunteer festival in the open air. It has been held since 2012 in the Arkhangelsk region on the summer shore of the White Sea or on the islands in the Northern Dvina delta and is a meeting place for young people and self-organized initiatives in the region.

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Vk: vk.com/taibola

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