Tatiana Batova


Born in Murmansk. She graduated from Murmansk Arctic State University, vocational training teacher-designer. Then she worked as a designer in the advertising Department of a commercial trade-holding.

From 2010 to 2015 she was the – curator of the creative space and art-gallery “Svetoten”, Murmansk, and co-organizer and Muse of percussion orchestra – Studio DrumTamTam (ethnic drums in the Far North).

In 2012-2015 – lecturer at the branch of St. Petersburg industrial and economic College.

Now she is a senior lecturer at Murmansk Arctic State University and works in the calligraphy and lettering Studio in Murmansk.

Also participated in the implementation of educational projects – the discipline “Typography” – “Development of the design code of the city of Murmansk” and the art project “Ethnofuturism”.

Tatiana Batova is inspired by Northern Russian and Nenets culture looking into her own roots.

E-mail: tanya_batova@mail.ru

Facebook: ссылка

Vk: vk.com/t_batova

Instagram: instagram.com/batoncho/

Calligraphy and lettering: vk.com/lettergrafia

Creative space “Svetoten”: vk.com/svet_o_ten

Ethno-Murmansk: vk.com/ethnomurmansk

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