Vanya Mishin

dance, theater, performance

Vanya Mishin is an artistic name of Ivan Perchugov (Arkhangelsk, Russia). Vanya has been showing interest for dance and acting since 12 years old, and he has been working with various forms of theater, performance, street art and dance for the last 5-6 years. He has been a leader of Theater Essentia which he created himself while being studying in school, and which have gathered more than 30 talented young people of Arkhangelsk during its history for experimental performances. In January 2016, he performed at the opening of the first personal exhibition of Daria Orlova, who is another upcoming talented artist in the North.

At the moment, Vanya is a 2nd year history student at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University.



Telephone: +7 911 674 25 99

Theater Es Sentia:

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