Vyacheslav Krasnov


Vyacheslav lives in Murmansk. Engaged in electronic music. He is also the project manager of the “Fridaymilk” and the organizer of the “Polarcon” project.

Solo project “Jasnazima” – electronic music from tales of heroic battles with snowballs. Field recordings and sampled bass on storms and a serene winter.

Also together with Svetlana Matveeva (Wooden whales) – member of the pop duet “Cetacea”. In their music can be heard ringing timbre, deaf grainy bass, peals of bells and soft arrangements.

E-mail: slavaredov@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/slava.redov

Jasnazima: vk.com/jasnazima

Cetacea: vk.com/cetaceacea

Music: jasnazima.bandcamp.com/

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