Zink Zine

photography, video

ZinkZine is a group organized by director Sasha Z, a graduate of St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts and experimental musician Zhenya Naprimer (eurohero).

The organizers invite photographers to cooperate, hold screenings of alternative cinema (together with the Electro-theater group). The work of the group (video and photo) for the first time shows the city from the perspective of an artist who walks through its streets, looks at his characters and his people, instead of looking at the life of a place from his studio. Contrasts of growing high-rise buildings and against their background are fragile human figures, children with plastic machine guns aimed at each other, in the context of a city where tanks and anti-aircraft guns dominate in public space rather than interactive sculpture. Teenagers ride skateboards in the midst of shabby testimonies of a dead utopia – broken pipes, puddles, broken asphalt, including the high-rise communities of new developers and shopping centers with Mc Donalds, who entered the Arkhangelsk market in 2013.

The group gives voice to those who are usually least heard in official public rhetoric.

Facebook: facebook.com/zinkzinez

Instagram: instagram.com/zinkzine/

Video: link

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