Since 2015, we have been exploring the unique cultural and natural treasures of the North with artists and musicians from Russia, Norway, South Korea, the USA, Finland and Lithuania.

A resident receives full curatorial support according to the project description. We welcome lectures, exhibitions, workshops for the local community. We collaborate with museums, educational institutions and independent artistic initiatives in the Russian North and can help to introduce you to the professional scene.

We provide curatorial support to several artist residencies in the North: Maryin Dom (textile, wooden architecture, nature, bylinas, ancient folklore, Novgorod republic), Oshevensk (wooden architecture, sculpture, pedagogy) or develop an own program for the artist.

Travel, food and logde are covered by the artist. Arctic Art Institute can be helpful with support letters for funding applications.

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Ulyana Podkorytova and Ustina Yakovleva (Moscow, Russia)

July 2019 Research and preparations to the exhibition Porato Basko, Arkhangelsk, village of Chakola (Pinega district)

Ulyana Podkorytova webpage:

Ustina Yakovleva webpage:

Photo: Anna Zlotko

Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar de Carmen (Norway, Slovakia, Spain)

February 2018    A research of the Russian North cultural context and artistic environment, Arkhangelsk

Artists’ webpage:

Photo: Ekaterina Chashchina.

Eliza Hardy Jones (Philadelphia, the USA)

May 2017    Project Cloths of songs, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Arctic Art Institute.

Artem Filatov (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

April 2017    A research of the Russian North cultural context and artistic environment, Arkhangelsk

As a result of his residency Artem Filatov wrote an article to Art Guide magazine:

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Artem Kelarev.

Anne Liis Kogan (Oslo, Norway)

January 2017    Performance I’m___voices, Arkhangelsk

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Ekaterina Kulakova.

Anastasia Vepreva (Arkhangelsk/Saint-Petersbourg, Russia)

September 2016    Project  Lomonosov’s heritage by the example of a cultural centre, Arkhangelsk

The article by Anastasia Vepreva in Aroundart magazine:

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Anastasia Vepreva.

Dima Filippov (Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia)

September 2016    Project Remained behind, Arkhangelsk

An article about the artist:

Photo: Dima Philippov, Arctic Art Institute.

Vladimir Сhernyshev (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

August 2016    Project Abandoned village, Arkhangelsk region

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Vladomor Chernyshev, Natalia Nosenko, Arctic Art Institute.

Daria Orlova (Murmansk, Russia)

January 2016    Project Shadows, Arkhangelsk

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Ekaterina Kulakova.

Margrethe Kolstad Brekke (Bergen, Norway)

April 2015    Project Homestay, Murmansk
July 2015    Project The Net during the festival Teriberka. A new life.
October 2015    Project Cloths polyphony, Vadsø, Norway
November 2015    Project Utopia500 during the festival Barents Bird, Arkhangelsk
June 2016    Project Beautiful faraway, Arkhangelsk
September 2016    Project Diorama Utopia, Arkhangelsk

Artist’s webpage:

Photo: Maxim Valutin, Ekaterina Golitsyna, Nastya Chvorost.